What is the Peninsula’s 10-year growth model?

Letters to the editor

The traffic management study for the Woy Woy Sporties proposal (DA53119/2017), section 5.2, contains a statement based on the Peninsula’s 10-year growth model.
It is an innocuous comment at first reading but requires discussion.
The Central Coast Regional Plan failed to provide growth figures for the Peninsula.
This information was unavailable from the Council and Department of Planning and Environment in Gosford.
It is not an easy statistic to obtain from authorities.
How is it assessed for the Peninsula? Is it accurate and is it broadly supported?
For example, what is the growth increase for 63 seniors’ housing units and five restaurant-cafes and remodelling of a registered club?
Woy Woy town centre may be redeveloped in the near future.
Will there be high rise buildings, changes to planning instruments, concessions, bonuses, payments in lieu, as experienced in the Gosford town centre redevelopment?
Open space loss and Crown Land deals are also a possibility.
If the Central Coast Regional Plan contained a growth figure for the Peninsula, the Department of Planning and Environment would have to explain any variations to this figure.
Instead, it has taken the defensive option of not including this figure, leaving the determination of Peninsula growth to the individual, conveniently passing the buck and avoiding accountability.
Development assumptions such as at Hillview St and Veron Rd, Woy Woy, based on DA approval are false.
Without updated accurate Peninsula growth figures, not guesstimates, plus infrastructure replacement or maintenance reports and costs, there will be a proliferation of hastily-arranged resident meetings to discuss the impact of proposed developments across the Peninsula.

Letter, 9 Nov 2017
Norman Harris, Umina