Underpass is only sensible and effective solution

Letters to the editor

It is with alarm that I read that the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce takes its usual big infrastructure approach in suggesting the solution to this problem would be to build a four-lane highway from West Gosford to Woy Woy, instead of revisiting the Bulls Hill proposal.

Such a highway would absolutely despoil the attractive Brisbane Water foreshore, (not to mention the number of homes that would need to be resumed for the work). It also overlooks the strategic necessity of more than one way in and out of the Peninsula. A new underpass at the base of Bulls Hill is the only sensible and effective solution to replace the level crossing, especially considering the natural separation of grade and minimal environmental impact if existing roads were used. Keeping the level crossing on the main northern line is equivalent to having a crossroad on the M3: Ludicrous and unsafe.

But the only obstacle seems to be the inability of State MPs (Constance and Crouch), Council, RMS, Asset Standards Authority and Sydney Trains to work together to come up with a value-managed, cost-effective design. All we have seen so far is buckpassing and gold-plating. Perhaps Lucy Wicks could pull all these parties together and bring back some sense to the matter.

Email, 22 Oct 2017 Kevin Chaloner, Empire Bay

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