Support for security measures at Umina

I write to strongly support Gabby Greyem’s proposal for improved surveillance and policing at the Peninsula Recreation Precinct, Umina.
This area is the site of rare and endangered State-listed remnant Umina Coastal Sandplain Woodland vegetation, which Central Coast Council is charged with protecting.
Council has further injected a great deal of money in providing an exemplary community facility on the Peninsula with an award-winning sustainable cafe and superior children’s playground and recreation facilities.
The area supports an oval, a skateboard facility, and a significant commercial tourist operation in the NRMA Caravan Park and surf club and carpark.
At nightfall, this outstanding community precinct turns into a place of danger, violence and antisocial activities for want of the installation of adequate security measures.
Such antisocial activity has worsened in the face of Council’s extended failure to replace security cameras in the area and install adequate evening lighting.
This must be rectified as a priority to preserve and protect the community investments and improvements on the land and to ensure community safety and local residents’ well-being.
It cannot be left to deteriorate further, particularly given the inadequate police presence on the Peninsula.
It has a long and worsening history of community violence and antisocial activities.
I can remember the area has been plagued by a death by assault, robberies and asset destruction and drug activities going back nearly 30 years.
Gabby suggests a ready source of obtaining some Federal funding to address the problems encountered in this area, and I strongly urge that Council take immediate action to protect these valuable assets and the local community, under the Safer Communities Fund as an important and urgent step.
I have also drawn council officers’ attention to the need to apply for available State Environment funding to take active steps to protect the endangered rare vegetation of this area.

Email, 31 Oct 2017
Kay Williams, Pearl Beach

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