School raises issue of ‘inappropriate cyber interactions’

Cyber education in the classroomCyber education in the classroom

Woy Woy Public School has spoken to a number of parents and children following “inappropriate cyber interactions” on internet-based social media.
“We are increasingly finding children of primary school age do not have the requisite life experience to enable them to deal appropriately with conflicts that arise on social media platforms,” said assistant principal, Mr Dan Betts.
He said inappropriate interactions had occurred on websites including Facebook, Snapchat and Musically.
Parents have been advised to pay closer attention to their children’s use of social media.
“We strongly recommend that if you decide to allow your child to access and use these forums, you encourage them to report any negative comments they receive to you, or better still, that you regularly monitor their interactions,” he said.
The school’s latest “positive behaviour for learning” program has focussed on being cyber smart.
“Teachers have been teaching their students about how to be responsible when using computers or devices,” said Mr Betts.
“Lessons have focused on the importance of being careful not to damage hardware, only using applications that the teacher has directed students to use and only visiting websites that are relevant to the work students have been asked to do.
“Students have also been taught about the importance of telling a teacher or a parent if they accidentally open an inappropriate webpage.
“Next week, we will be teaching students how to be proud during eating time in their eating areas, principally by putting their rubbish into the bins provided.
“Students who successfully demonstrate positive behaviours when using computers or devices, and when putting their rubbish into the bin after eating their food in their designated eating area, will be rewarded with Win Bin tickets and stars on their Star Charts.
“Parents and carers are encouraged to discuss expectations with their children,” Mr Betts said.

Newsletter, 16 Nov 2017
Dan Betts, Woy Woy Public School

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