Pearl Beach features in soft drink ad

Pepsi Australia have filmed their summer video advertisement at Pearl Beach, citing the friendly nature of the region.The Pearl Beach rock pool features in the new softdrink ad

Pearl Beach has featured in a new TV soft drink commercial.
Location scout Mr Roger Johnston said he loved the Central Coast for productions.
“We had a great time doing this shoot,” Mr Johnston said.
“The locals were absolutely fantastic,” he said.
Mr Johnston’s brief was to find an ocean pool where they could set up a night time beach party.
He said it was a great excuse to get out of Sydney and affordability, easy film permissions and great local accommodation were all bonuses.
“The locals are definitely friendlier on the Coast, and it is also a great place to do commercials featuring dogs, due to all the dog-friendly beaches.

Media release, 9 Nov 2017
Roger Johnston, Pepsi

Link to the advertisement