Local produce sold through major department store

Adriana and Chris Parncutt of Adri’s Gingerbread Photo: Janine Crawford

A Umina couple is selling local produce throughout Australia and New Zealand through a major department store.
Owners of the Ettalong’s Adri’s Gingerbread, Chris and Adrianna Parncutt, were approached by a David Jones buyer after they sampled one of Ms Parncutt’s gingerbread biscuits.
Adri’s Christmas-themed gingerbread and gift boxes have since lined the shelves of the department store across both countries.
Ms Parncutt said it had been a successful collaboration with David Jones.
The pair are now working on an exclusive gingerbread ice cream for the retailer that will launch in time for Christmas, as well as entering into discussions about product ranges for Valentine’s Day and Easter.
“It’s been such a fun and positive experience,” Ms Parncutt said.
“I never expected Adri’s to take off like it has.
“We do our best create delicious gingerbread,” Ms Parncutt said.
“With European heritage, our gingerbread is the real thing.
“I used to spend days playing around with the mixture until I was happy with the flavour and now we’re focusing on delivering high-quality products that are allergy friendly.
“All our gingerbread is made and decorated by hand, allowing us the flexibility to create a variety of designs in a range of colours.
“We take pride in offering options to suit varying dietary requirements including gluten and dairy free, all without compromising on the taste or texture.”

Interview, 25 Oct 2017
Adrianna Parncutt, Adri’s Gingerbread Shop
Reporter: Dilon Luke