Freshwater streams inadequately dealt with in coal mine considerations


I thought you might be interested in information on the Central Coast Council’s website I just stumbled upon, by sheer chance, and the reference to Wallarah and Spring Creeks.
The reference was made by no less than the seemingly (to this point), environmentally unaware and uncaring Central Coast Council and which, regardless of my rather inadequate efforts at the PAC hearing two weeks ago, nobody, in reality, seems to have previously flagged as a concern in the proposed development of Wallarah 2 Coal Mine.
It appears that the only real references to any of our freshwater streams have been to those supplying water to the Central Coast Water Supply Scheme and that is a crying bloody shame, in my opinion.
All our precious, freshwater streams are vitally important and ought to be treasured.
The Council’s description of Spring Creek and Wallarah Creek said they: “merge at Blue Haven and flow via a single channel to the eastern side of Budgewoi Lake.
“This creek system is the least developed in Wyong Shire and represents one of the most important and intact habitat corridors in the Shire.
“The lower sections of Spring Creek are fringed by residential development, whilst the upper sections are relatively undisturbed and in good condition.
“Future development pressures within this catchment are significant, with proposed development to include mining, industrial and commercial development, and some residential development.”
Is anyone interested in sticking this to the PAC, or is it too damned late, as I fear it might be?
For anyone interested, or with any investigative tendencies, I understand that the NSW DPI Fisheries, some years ago, when the Wallarah 2 proposal was first mooted, did comment upon the proposal.
However, as has happened to other NSW Government Agencies with concerns, they were, effectively side-lined from further input as a result of various dubious referrals and subsequent “reviews”, thus excluding them from any further involvement in the Wallarah 2 proposal in the past several years.
I presume that this is how the NSW Government are able to meet their “obligations” to, supposedly, both the environment and that of the community, by allowing comment in the initial stages, then, as a result of their rather dubious efforts to support the proposal, whilst pretending they would not permit it to proceed, ensure their own agencies, by deed of stealth, are hobbled by the allegedly “satisfactory” responses of the proponents to any concerns raised.
In other words, the appropriate boxes are ticked as the issues raised have been “addressed”, but any further issues raised as a result of changes resulting from amendments are not addressed by those with (one trusts), real expertise in the concerns first raised.

Email, Nov 17
Karl Schaerf, Hamlyn Terrace