First fair for the Bays

The Bays Community HallThe Bays Community Hall

The Bays Community Group is in the initial stages of planning its first Bays Fair.
The fair is aimed at bringing together residents from all three bays in an outdoor event with an environmental focus.
Group Vice president Ms Jill Napier said the idea for a local fair was prompted by requests from the community for an outdoor community event.
“We did a community survey of The Bays to ask people what they wanted and they were interested in having an outdoor activity and in particular having an event that focus on the environment,” Ms Napier said.
The event is to be hosted on Sunday, March 11, on the Village Green in Phegans Bay.
The fair is aiming to provide a platform for members of the community to share ideas for protecting the environment as well as providing information on the work of The Bays Community Group and other local issues.
The event will also raise much needed funds for the community group.
The organisers are aiming to keep the event localised and it is not expected to attract large crowds from outside The Bays.
“We aren’t trying to attract hoards.
“We are just aiming at locals,” Ms Napier said.
“We are expecting under one hundred people,” she said.
Due to council insurance fees, The Bays Community Group is in the process of working around constraints on the number of stalls to be included at the fair.
Currently, the event is expected to host a food and coffee stall, children’s activities, a kayak race and entertainment by local musicians.
The Bays Community Group is still awaiting Council permission to run the event but is expecting to gain approval.

Interview, 23 Nov 2017
Jill Napier, The Bays Group
Reporter: Olivana Smith-Lathouris