Advertising support valued


On behalf of the Salvation Army, I would like to thank you for all you have done to support our fundraising campaign in recent months.
Your donation of advertising in your newspapers has helped us to effectively deliver our message to people on the Central Coast and persuade them to support our work.
By giving hope where it’s needed most, you have helped The Salvation Army to raise funds that will be used to continue our social programs and reach Australians experiencing hardship.
Our social programs include: recovery services for people adversely affected by alcohol, other drugs and gambling; providing a safe house for women who have experienced trafficking and slavery in Australia; developing trained counsellors and emergency support workers to homes, schools and town-hall settings in times of natural disaster; and, managing a youth support network to give disadvantaged young people the crisis accommodation they need, with safe places where they can recover for trauma and begin to re-create their dreams.
Your donation of advertising space is helping us and we very much value the contribution you have made this year.
Thank you again for your most valuable support of our work in this manner.

Letter, Oct 30
Leigh Cleave, Sydney