Wetlands’ agent responds to un-informed media report

A broader view of the Tibal Shoals land in relation to other parts of Davistown Photo: One Agency

Mr Larry Altavilla, the nephew of the vendor of the Tidal Shoals land at Davistown which is due to be auctioned in Sydney on October 24, has released a statement to the community of Davistown.
“This statement has been released to address the misinformation that has been circulating through our local community off the back of a biased and un-informed local media report concerning the sale of the salt marsh lands in Davistown,” Mr Altavilla said.
“The lands in question are currently privately owned, having been acquired in 1998 with no intent to engage in further development,” he said.
“Originally part of a parcel of land allocated for development, a portion of the land is now home to the retirement village and Davistown RSL.
“The land is not currently owned in any part by Central Coast Council.
“Despite its history, there are currently no existing plans to develop the land and there are currently no DAs lodged for approval with Council.
“While we believe there are reports circulating that Council has had advanced plans to purchase the land, there has thus far been no communication with the owner from Council or the State Government on this topic, although an offer would be welcomed.
“Further, there are currently no offers pending for the land.
“We fully support the protection and re-generation of Australian land and our stunning waterways.
“The owner is not in a position to adequately retain and maintain the land in its current state.
“Should we receive an offer from a member of the Central Coast community, we would welcome this and would be elated if the land were to fall into the hands of an owner whose intent is to maintain it in its natural state, as the current owner has done for many years.
“We feel that the sensationalistic nature of the story published by the Central Coast Express Advocate on October 9 regarding the sale of this land was designed to fuel negative debate and generate ongoing newsworthy activity.
“Our staff have received violent threats and the reputation of our business is suffering for simply doing our job as a property agents facilitating the sale of privately-owned land.
“The existing owner [Mr Altavilla’s uncle, Mr Tony Altavilla] is under immense pressure due to these reports and the subsequent justified, but nonetheless misinformed, reaction from the local community.
“We call out to the local community to consider their actions during this time.
“Be informed and choose the right time to vocalise concerns regarding the development of this land.
“The right time is not now, it is if, and when, DAs may be lodged in the future.
“We have full confidence in our Council to consider all environmental impacts when considering any DA approvals.
“Please understand that threats of violence during this time targeting the current owner or our agency staff will not be tolerated and will be reported to the Police for further investigation.
“We welcome all genuine enquiries about the sale of the land.
“Unfortunately, we will not be in a position to speak about any environmental concerns as we are not equipped to do so.
“For any environment, wildlife or waterways concerns, please contact the concerning governing bodies at Central Coast Council or NSW Planning.
“The Auction is set to take place on October 24 at 10:30am, Auction Works, Mezzanine Level, 50 Margaret St, Sydney 2000.

Media release, Oct 11
Carl Day, One Agency Platinum

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