Many have moved here to escape congestion

Letters to the editor

The Peninsula Chamber of Commerce called for the introduction of high density zoning on the Peninsula and a comprehensive review of planning guidelines to assist with the 70,000 expected more people over the next 20 years on the Central Coast (Peninsula News, October 3).
One intent of the NSW Government’s forced Council mergers was to facilitate higher density living by pushing this agenda via fewer Councils.
The elephant in the room is our Federal Government’s 190,000 immigration intake levels per year with no questioning of how Australia can sustain this rate of migration and ensure a quality standard of living and environmental protection.
Many people have moved to the Peninsula to escape the congestion and high-rise nightmare living of Sydney, but now the Chamber of Commerce thinks it is incumbent on the new Council to inflict this on Peninsula residents.
Blackwall Rd is busy about 16 hours a day.
Adding new R3 (medium level) and R4 (high density housing) will only increase the congestion on our major Peninsula roads and diminish our standard of living as diluted state and local planning and development controls have seen the diminution of private and public green spaces.
Perhaps the issue the Chamber needs to focus on is the creation of new jobs on the Peninsula to diminish the daily exodus of workers to Sydney each day.
Email, 4 Oct 2017
Suraya Coorey, Woy Woy

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