Construction of the rock groyne welcomed

Work on the Groyne has commenced Photo: David Mehan MP

Member for The Entrance, Mr David Mehan, has welcomed the start of construction of the rock groyne at The Entrance Beach.
The groyne wall will assist in the retaining of sand along the beach and will help keep the beach open during tourist season.
The NSW Government has allocated $2 million for the construction of the 100 metre long rock groyne.
The surf lifesaving tower will be relocated approximately 100 metres north of its present location, closer to the channel.
To construct the rock groyne, the sand will be cleared down to the bedrock, and then 6,000 tonnes of two to four tonne rocks will be transported to the site.
The project also includes provisions to dredge up to 15,000 cubic metres of sand from the channel and place it on The Entrance Beach.
These works are planned after the completion of the groyne.

Media release, Oct 10
David Mehan MP