Chinese delegation to visit Meals on Wheels

A delegation from China will visit Meals on Wheels Central Coast’s Tuggerah distribution centre on Friday, October 13.

The visit, headed by, Ms Chen Qin, Director of Aged and Disabled Committee of the Standing Committee of Deyang Municipal People’s Congress, will see Meals on Wheels Central Coast impart relevant information on their operations, along with the role that this iconic Central Coast institution plays in the community. “This is a significant cultural visit for the Coast,” said Dennis Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of Meals on Wheels Central Coast.

“We are honoured to have been chosen as a venue that these authorities in the Chinese aged care and disability sector want to visit,” Mr Taylor said. “We are looking forward to sharing ideas with the Chinese delegation, and exploring different cultural and business perspectives together,” he said. “This is a friendship that we will foster, and look forward to an ongoing relationship with Ms Qin and her party.

“The exchange of information is important to both our regions, and ideas on the development of ageing and disability related services in our respective local communities is of great importance to both Meals on Wheels Central Coast and our visitors.” The delegation, from Deyang city in the Sichuan Province, will also include representatives from the Federation for Disables Persons of Deyang City, Deyang Municipal Aged Affairs Bureau, Aged and Disability Service Office of Deyang Municipal People’s Government, Federation for Disabled Persons of Mianzhu City and the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Deyang Munipal People’s Government.

Source: Media release, Oct 5 Pip Wilson, Meals on Wheels Central Coast