Caitlyn Harman’s musical performance skills recognised

Caityln Harman of Kincumber High SchoolCaityln Harman of Kincumber High School

Kincumber High School’s Year 12 student, Caitlyn Harman, has received a Higher School Certificate (HSC) Music Encore nomination.
“This is a wonderful acknowledgement of the quality of her practical performances presented to the external HSC markers during her HSC performances in music,” Ms Jade Sampson said.
“She will have to send in audition tapes to find out if she makes the final performances to be held in February next year.
“We wish her well and thank her for the many beautiful performances she has delivered for us over her time at Kincumber High School.
“We look forward to her ongoing success in the music industry,” Ms Sampson concluded.

Newsletter, Sep 22
Jade Sampson, Kincumber High School

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