Blue-ringed octopus found at Lions Park

The Blue Ringed Octopus is ready for a Peninsula summer

A blue-ringed octopus has been found in Brisbane Water off Woy Woy’s Lions Park. Central Coast Outriggers Canoe Club president Ms Virginia Westerson said a club member had unknowingly picked up one during a recent paddle.

“After returning from a paddle off Lions Park, Woy Woy, one of our members noticed a small brown octopus swimming in the shallows near his canoe,” Ms Westerson said. “He picked it up and then proceeded to show the octopus to other club members.” Ms Westerson said: “I looked at the octopus and immediately recognised the traits of a blue-ring, especially after it started to turn electric blue. “I instructed our member to immediately get rid of the octopus, which he thankfully did,” Ms Westerson said.

“It was only because of a recent radio program covering the high number of Blue Rings in the Brisbane Water area that I was able to recognise it. “Please be aware that they are about and if you see any interesting fauna in our waterways do not try and pick it up unless you have a good reason to do so,” Ms Westerson said.

She said known Peninsula habitats for the blue-ringed octopus include weed beds in Ettalong Channel, Fishermen’s Wharf and the boat ramps at Woy Woy, Umina Beach Rock Pool and Patonga Beach. The blue-ringed octopus normally appears brownish-yellow or orange and will display its vivid blue rings when it feels threatened.

SOURCE: Website, 25 Oct 2017 Virginia Westerson, Central Coast Outriggers Canoe Club