Mingara to spend $3.2 million for a new entry way

Mingara Drive

Central Coast Council has approved a Development Application for a new entry way to be built at Club Mingara.
According to the proposal’s Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE), Club Mingara will construct a new Club Entry Canopy to replace the existing entry, together with two smaller pedestrian shelter canopies and associated civil, minor roadworks and landscaping work.
“The intent of this upgrade is to provide better shelter for patrons entering and leaving the club in inclement weather, provide better visual presentation of the main club entrance viewed along the main entry internal roadway and from the carpark, as well as providing better separation between pedestrians and traffic at the entrance,” the SEE read.
“The smaller shelters will provide islands of shelter as well as providing easily identified directional markers for patrons using the large parking area south of the club as well as more clearly identified and safer crossing points for pedestrians when approaching from the car park.
“The roadway immediately in front of the entry will be modified and upgraded to provide better turning circle for buses and other vehicles dropping and picking up passengers at the entry as well as more shelter for this activity with a kerb free crossover from the vehicle driveway to the pedestrian pathway to improve accessibility at the club entry.
“The entire area immediately surrounding this work will be landscaped to further define the zones and reinforce safety and separation of pedestrians and vehicle traffic,” the SEE stated.
The estimated value of the works is $3.2 million

Document, Sep 25

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