Kindifarm visit part of Paddock to Plate program

Kindergarten students getting up close and personal with the animalsKindergarten students getting up close and personal with the animals

Kindifarm came to Valley View Public School on Friday, September 15, as part of the Farm Unit, ‘Paddock to Plate’ that the school’s Kindergarten classes have been studying during Term 3.

Kindergarten students got to cuddle and pat rabbits, chicks and ducklings and meet sheep and goats as they ate pellets from the students’ hands. They got to bottle feed the baby calf, lamb and kids, and got to feel the roughness of the piglets’ hair in comparison to the wool and fur of other animals. They saw sheep shearing and got to feel the lanolin and take some wool home to keep. The incursion finished with a bang as the farmer did a stock whip cracking demonstration to show the children how to muster sheep and cattle.

Newsletter, Sep 19 Mary Hunt, Valley View Public School