Election coverage appreciated

I have been meaning to get in touch with your Editorial team, great work on the Central Coast local election.

You were an oasis in a desert. Like many people, I went on the internet, very little use, the other local paper was a joke, it is no longer printed locally anyway. What a great job you did. My daughter is on the Autistic Spectrum and I have many older friends, so I was able to pick out what they needed from your paper and hand it on to them. Again thank you for a job so well done. I know some candidates personally and they, too, were telling everyone to get one of your papers.

Email, Sep 15 Bev Walther, Wyong

Online sub-editor’s note: We’re glad that you appreciated our work. We like to think that being locally founded, owned, employed and distributed makes us all the more interested. Thank you for taking the effort of writing to us, such things make a real difference.