19 lot residential subdivision proposed in Berkeley Vale

Development Site at Berkley Vale - Img: Google Maps

A development application has been approved for a 19 lot residential subdivision and creation of a lot for a sewer pump station at 5 Anderson Rd, Berkeley Vale.
The application has been assessed having regard to the matters for consideration detailed in Section 79C of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and other statutory requirements.
The application is recommended for approval subject to conditions.
The site is bordered by Anderson Rd and Gordon Vaughan Rd, Berkeley Vale.
It has a west-north-westerly aspect with a fall of about 22m with average slopes of 10-15%.
The majority of the site is cleared with narrow forest remnants along the Anderson Rd (western) side and Gordon Vaughan Rd (southern) side, widening in the south-eastern corner of the site.
The forest types include Coastal Narrabeen Moist Forest and Coastal Foothills Spotted Gum/Grey Ironbark.
There are two patches of the threatened flora species Melaleuca biconvexa within the forest remnants.
The subject site immediately adjoins residential zoned land on its northern and eastern sides.
Anderson Rd and Gordon Vaughan Rd provide defined boundaries on the western and southern sides.
Land to south, in Gordon Vaughan Rd and Anderson Rd, has been developed for rural residential lots ranging from 1-2ha.
Land to the west is a heavily vegetated creek line that runs to the northwest.
The proposal is for the subdivision of the site into 19 residential allotments and the creation of a lot to accommodate a sewer pump station.
The subdivision includes the construction of two roads with culdesac heads and access is proposed via a single access point from Anderson Rd.
The lots backing onto Anderson Rd and Gordon Vaughan Rd are proposed to contain a restricted area (via restrictions on lot titles) to the rear for the purposes of vegetation retention/protection and for the maintenance of asset protection zones.
The lot sizes are proposed to range from 584.6m² to 1502m².
The subdivision is to be serviced by a sewage pump station and associated infrastructure to be provided by the applicant and transferred to Council.
Proposed Lot 20 (located to the rear of proposed Lot 15) is 42.5m² in size and will contain a sewer pump station which is required given the topography of the site does not permit gravity sewer.
The approval of the application is in the public interest as the development will provide additional housing opportunities in the locality.
The property falls within the Southern Lakes District Section 94 Contributions Plan (and Shire Wide Section 94 Contributions Plan).
The following contributions are applicable: Shire wide contributions, Open Space Works, Community Facilities Works, District Administration.
The contributions have been calculated based on 19 new lots.
There is no credit for the existing lot as it is vacant and was previously zoned 7C scenic protection small holdings, under former Wyong LEP 1991.
The total Section 94 contributions are $183,707.30.
According to the Assessing Officer, “The proposal has been assessed using the heads of consideration in Section 79C of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.
“It is generally considered the proposed development is suitable for approval subject to conditions.

Document, Sep 25