Sporties proposal could not be more unsuitable

The proposed development at Woy Woy Bowling Club (Sporties) could not be more unsuitable. Enquiries to Central Coast Council is that the DA has been sent back to the applicant for further information.

The flood prone nature of many areas in the Woy Woy Peninsula must be considered. Sporties is in such an area. Bulky high rise buildings with 100 per cent site coverage are unsuitable here and elsewhere. Woy Woy and the surrounding districts deserve better than buildings of cement blocks painted in garish colours. Holes in the ground for years must be unacceptable. Population growth can and should be managed by careful decisions and sensible regulations. Beautiful Woy Woy and the surrounding districts must be enhanced by bushland preservation, open space, good town planning etc. This is vital. Any ideas, citizens?

Letter, 1 Aug 2017 June Mitchell, Woy Woy