Remember the past before you vote


I hope the people in the Gosford West Ward think about who they are voting for when voting in the new council election.
If you drive around the streets of the old Gosford local government area and look at the state of the roads, pot holes everywhere and band-aid patch jobs to fill them, this is a result of over 20 years of lack of maintenance.
The voting people in the wards should look at who the councillors were during that period.
Do you need any of them to run the new council?
I drove a visitor down to Mackenzie Ave, Woy Woy, so she could look at the house she lived in 35 years ago.
The lady could not believe that over the last 35 years the avenue still had no kerb or guttering.
I also drove down the back lane of Mackenzie Ave.
The lane is a disaster and you cannot turn a car around, you have to back out, and if there was a fire in the lane, a fire truck would find it hard to navigate, especially if there was heavy smoke.
In 1952, the North Sydney Council kerbed, guttered and sealed all its back lanes, and that was 65 years ago.
I noticed that former Councillors, in one paper, stated all of their achievements as a councillor, but they did not say how much of council rate payers’ money was invested and lost in the Collateralised Debt Obligations collapse.

Letter, Aug 21
Vic Wulf, Gosford

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