Preschool children create ‘therapy garden’

Woy Woy Preschoolers having fun in the therapy gardenWoy Woy Preschoolers having fun in the therapy garden. Archive image 2017

Woy Woy Public School’s preschool children have been busy creating a therapy garden area. In this area there are vegetables and flowers growing, mulch to dig in, a compost bin, worm farm, bird baths and tables for water play.

The children were introduced to the idea that their outdoor space may change and become something quite different. The children tried the garden tools, put on gloves, watered spinach and were getting used to some of the basic tasks they will be doing regularly in the garden, such as raking, sweeping, weeding, digging, sitting, laying and relaxing. “The garden space is a wonderful resource for exploring the natural world,” preschool teacher, Ms Jessica Lavers said. “These learning experiences will be kept to mainly natural items to allow children time to tune in to their garden and its properties,” she said.

SOURCE: Newsletter, 27 Jul 2017 Ona Buckley, Woy Woy Public School