Plans approved to replace motel with seniors housing

Plans have been approved to replace the Glades Country Club Motor Inn in Dunban Rd, Woy Woy, with a $2.5 million complex of one- and two-storey self-care units for seniors.
The site is on the south eastern corner of Dunban Rd and Everglades Cres, adjoining the Everglades Country Club, and is accessed from Dunban Rd.
It currently contains a motel, swimming pool and associated outbuildings and is zoned R2 low-density residential.
Seniors housing is permissible with Council consent.
It has been identified as bushfire prone land, and the NSW Rural Fire Service has identified construction requirements for the development.
According to a Central Coast Council assessment report, the application included two non-compliances with the State Environmental Planning Policy (Housing for Seniors or People with a Disability) 2004, that related to building height and car parking.
The SEPP required 0.5 spaces per bedroom, a total of 17.5 spaces in the case of this development, but the proposal only provided 15 spaces.
The other non-compliance related to the maximum building height of one storey for a building located in the rear 25 per cent of the site.
According to Council’s assessment report: “given the size and shape of the site, the 2.5 metre encroachment within the rear 25 per cent of the site is considered a minor numerical departure given the separation distance to the adjoining southern allotment.
“The upper floor upon unit 15 would be approximately 18 metres from the rear boundary and is only five metres in length.
“As such the upper floor encroachment to the rear would not be detrimental to the solar access, privacy and visual amenity to the adjoining residential properties,” the assessment report said.
The report said: “The proposal comprises the construction of 19 self-care seniors housing units… both single-storey and two-storey units.
“Each unit includes either one or two bedrooms, a study, bathroom, living room, dining and kitchen, small garden/private open space area with timber fencing around the perimeter of the garden.”
The development’s 15 car parking spaces will be either within garages or provided as six visitor parking spaces, including one disabled space.
An internal footpath will run through the centre of the site for pedestrian access to the existing public footpath.
“The development is designed in a residential style with a range of finishes and materials including weatherboard cladding, face brick treatment and colourbond roofs to match the existing residential developments within the residential zone.
“It is considered the site is suitable for the proposed development,” the Council assessment report concluded.
“Subject to the imposition of appropriate conditions, the proposed development is not expected to have an adverse social or economic impact.
“It is considered that the proposed development will complement the locality and meet the desired future character of the area,” it concluded.
The three community members who objected to the development were notified of Council’s decision to approve it.

Gosford DA Tracker website, 16 Aug 2017
DA51645/2017, Central Coast Council