NRMA disputes candidate’s statement on Wyong roads

Flooded Turpentine Road, Kangy Angy

A $22.5 million road funding backlog still exists in the former Wyong Shire, despite former Mayor and independent candidate in the Wyong Ward, Mr Doug Eaton, claiming the former Council had a $0 infrastructure backlog.

According to the NRMA’s annual Funding Local Roads report, based on figures submitted by the two former Council’s, another $22.5 million will need to be found to fund local roads in the north of the new Central Coast local government area to a safe standard.
According to Mr Eaton, during his last period as Mayor of Wyong, the shire had the “highest road funding in the State”.
“On every measure, Wyong Council was not perfect but competent,” Mr Eaton said.
However, the NRMA’s annual Funding Local Roads report begged to differ with Mr Eaton’s assessment.
It stated that local roads in the former Wyong LGA required expenditure of $22.5 million to get them to a safe level.
Central Coast Council issued a written response to the NRMA report.
Council said it had “recently announced $551 million of essential services, and a record $207.9 million capital works program.
“A major part of this investment is $71.7 million on roads, transport and drainage projects.
“Earlier this year, Council also undertook a comprehensive road condition assessment across its entire sealed road network of over 2,200km of sealed road pavement.
“The data collected will be used to develop future road renewal programs and determine the most effective way to treat and manage Council’s road assets.
“Council continues to encourage residents to support the maintenance and development of our road network by reporting any potholes,” the statement said.
However, based on the NRMA’s assessment, Council’s budget is still $10 million short of the combined roads spending backlog of the two former councils.

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Helen Machalias, NRMA
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Doug Eaton, independent candidate for Wyong Ward
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