Local victims of domestic violence lose out under new arrangements


Member for Gosford, Ms Liesl Tesch, said the Liberal Government’s outsourcing of the Central Coast’s Integrated Domestic and Family Violence Service, CCADVICE, will only make seeking support harder for local victims of domestic violence.
“The existing CCADVICE team had a proven track record and is leading the state in supporting victims of domestic violence through the colocation of the service with police stations,” Ms Tesch said.
“Basing CCADVICE in police stations is the strength of this program and means direct collaboration with police when the reports happen, to ensure fast and efficient coordination of services across more than 25 agencies.
“Outsourcing this work to remote agencies will make it harder for people to access vital help and services,” she continued.
“The dedicated staff of CCADVICE provide onsite support for victims on so many levels, and taking away this service will mean victims will have to retell and relive their experiences as they are forced to visit each individual agency, instead of having a dedicated case manager already at the police station.
“The Liberal Government is ignoring the evidence that shows the importance of having integrated services in our police stations to support victims of domestic violence.
“We want world’s best practice here on the Coast.
“Taking these vital services away from the initial point of contact will delay assistance for vulnerable people when they need it most, and will take away the important wrap around support that exists now,” Ms Tesch said.
Member for Terrigal, Mr Adam Crouch, said he had spoken to the Minister for Family and Community Services, Ms Pru Goward, and said the current CCADVICE service would not be interrupted while the search for a new provider continued.
“The Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) is currently in procurement to secure a provider to continue the delivery of services to victims of domestic and family violence,” Mr Crouch said.
“The NSW Police Force will continue to deliver the service until a service provider is in place,” he added.
“FACS see the continuation of the service as vital, evidenced by the Government’s financial commitment to this program of more than $670,000 per year,” Ms Goward said.
“These funds will continue to be used to provide vital case management services for victims of domestic and family violence on the Central Coast.
“FACS and NSW Police continue to work collaboratively to ensure a smooth transition of service to the new provider, remaining firmly committed to supporting victims of domestic and family violence with high quality supports during this time,” she added.
“The safety and protection of victims and their children is a priority for the NSW Government,” Mr Crouch said.

Media statements, Aug 17-18
Adam Crouch, Member for Terrigal
Liesl Tesch, Member for Gosford
Dilon Luke and Hannah Moore, journalists

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