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My name is Sue Chidgey and I wish to state my reasons for standing behind three new independent candidates campaigning for the upcoming Council election on September 9.
In 2015, I founded Save Central Coast Reserves after discovering that Gosford Council intended to reclassify and sell-off 25 local reserves, parks and green spaces.
Hundreds of local residents joined the campaign, which lasted for 15 long months, before we were finally heard and the Council’s ‘Land Sale Strategy’ was overturned.
This battle made me determined to support the best possible candidates at the next election to avoid a repetition of past mistakes and missed opportunities.
It’s now time to make a change.
It’s time for the community to be listened to and for there to be transparency in Council’s decision making.
It’s time for true independents who aren’t swayed by party politics or the developer dollar.
It’s time for sustainable development which balances the well-being of the community with the environment.
It’s time for residents to be able to expect good infrastructure across all suburbs of the Central Coast.
It’s time for the Central Coast to be a place where business innovation and increased local jobs allow more residents to work locally.
It’s time for the Central Coast to become a preferred tourism destination with family friendly attractions and venues that support the arts, entertainment and sport.
This is the community’s chance to make a change.
I am asking residents who live in the Gosford East Ward to vote for Jane Smith; for those who live in the Gosford West Ward to vote for Gary Chestnut, and for those who live in the Wyong Ward, to vote for Louise Greenaway.
These candidates believe in a Coast which values the community and the environment.
A Central Coast that will grow and prosper in an inclusive way so that we can proudly pass this beautiful region onto future residents.
I am standing on Jane Smith’s ticket, as Jane was one of my mentors for the Save Central Coast Reserves campaign, and her honesty and respect for the community and the environment are beliefs she has held for many years as the volunteer CEO of Community Environment Network, in her role as an environmental teacher and from her years of Council knowledge and its processes.

Email, Aug 18
Sue Chidgey, Central Coast New Independents

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