Gosford West receives 24 registrations

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The NSW Electoral Commission received registrations from 24 candidates to run for the Gosford West Ward in the Central Coast Council election on Saturday, September 9.
Twelve of those candidates are residents of the Peninsula area.
Candidate registrations closed at 12pm on Wednesday, August 9, and the draw for positions on the ballot paper was conducted at 6pm that day.
The Gosford West Ward includes all of the Woy Woy Peninsula and will be represented by three Councillors on the new Central Coast Council.
There will be seven candidate groups/parties above the line on the ballot paper and another two stand-alone candidates.
The groups and candidates in Gosford West Ward will appear in the following order on the ballot paper.
Group A Central Coast New Independents: Mr Gary Chestnut; Ms Ferran Thornycroft; Ms Lisa Wriley; and Ms Jean MacLeod.
Group B Independents: Mr Chris Holstein; Ms Lorraine Wilson; and Mr Bob Puffett.
Group C The Greens: Ms Kate da Costa; Ms Ruth Herman; and Ms Wendy Rix.
Group D Liberal: Mr Troy Marquart; Ms Sue Dengate; and Mr Jack Wilson.
Group E Independent: Ms Gabby Grayem; Ms Helen McNaire; and Ms Sarah Rimmer.
Group F Save Tuggerah Lakes: Mr Carl Veugen; Mr Daniel Johnson; and Mr John Caska.
Group G Labor: Mr Richard Mehrtens; Ms Vicki Scott; and Mr Brad Ernst.
Ms Christine Keene of Kariong will run as a stand-alone independent and Ms Skyla Wagstaff is running as a solo candidate for the Animal Justice Party.
The candidates who live on the Peninsula are Mr Bob Puffett of Woy Woy Bay, Ms Kate da Kosta of Umina, Ruth Herman of Blackwall, Wendy Rix of Booker Bay, Sue Dengate of Umina, Jack Wilson of Woy Woy, Gabby Greyem of Pretty Beach, Helen McNair of Umina, Sarah Rimmer of Umina, Carl Veugen of Umina, Daniel Johnson of Booker Bay, and Brad Ernst of Woy Woy.

Website, 9 Aug 2017

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