Developer claims no association with property developers

Letters to the editor

Mr Troy Stolz, number two on Mr Doug Eaton’s election ticket, makes it extremely clear on his Linkedin page, that his company, Stolz Holdings Pty Ltd, is a property developer.

Yet both Mr Eaton and Mr Stolz, on their candidacy declaration, claim that they have no close association with a corporation that is a property developer. This is just not true. Why is it that Mr Eaton cannot be forthright and acknowledge the association? It would have made no difference in nominating to run for a council election.

This problem seems to be endemic in Mr Doug Eaton’s behaviour. When he was Mayor of Wyong Council, many projects which should have been dealt with in open council meetings, were dealt with in a confidential meeting, so that ratepayer’s had no idea of the money being spent. This shroud of secrecy is not what democracy is all about. The question is why? The Central Coast deserves better than what we had to suffer in the past. It’s time to elect new councillors who are interested in being transparent when serving the community.

Email, Aug 12 Alan Hayes, Jilliby

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