Prospective councillor candidates invited to Community Plan meeting

The packed Kulnura Community Hall

Anyone considering running as a candidate in the Central Coast Council election on September 9, has been invited to be part of the Community Plan Central Coast (CPCC) movement.
Since February, a group of residents from all over the new local government area has been working on the Community Plan.
That group, now calling itself CPCC, wants to hear from candidates who want to support the plan in return for the group’s support for their election campaign.
“We are very keen to hear from any candidate, from any party or independent stance, who believes they are supporters of the CPCC,” said spokesperson, Dr Van Davy.
“If you are a candidate or possible candidate that supports the CPCC, then it is in your and our best interests to have our support,” Dr Davy said.
CPCC will hold a meeting on Saturday, July 15, at the Ourimbah RSL Club, to give candidates an opportunity to present a four-minute speech and ask/answer questions to seek the group’s campaigning and polling day support.
“Each candidate will be given four uninterrupted minutes to tell us why she or he believes CPCC should support them.
“Each candidate should be prepared to answer questions for three or four minutes after their pitch is completed.
“This is a public call for quality candidates who strongly support the CPCC, and who want electoral support, to inform us and indicate their intentions.
“For those of us who will not be candidates, this is the time to listen to, and question, potential candidates prior to our imminent decisions concerning whom we support, and with what intensity,” Dr Davy said.
The meeting will be held between 10:00am and 1:00pm.

Media release, Jul 10
Van Davy, Community Plan Central Coast

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