‘Love is Love’ at The Art House

Dance Editorial's Shannon Hsu (centre fi rst row) with Central Coast DancersDance Editorial's Shannon Hsu (centre fi rst row) with Central Coast Dancers

Dance Editorial Productions will bring their latest production, ‘Love is Love’, to Wyong’s The Art House on August 11.

Inspired by the greatest Shakespearean stories revolving around love, lies, family and betrayal, Dance Editorial Productions is proud to bring their new production to Wyong as part of their NSW tour. The production explores the expectations that we all put pressure on ourselves to be the perfect mother, father, daughter and son, and what happens when we don’t measure up in the eyes of those who are supposed to love us the most. Love is Love tells a series of individual stories of a certain family member and the type of love they are experiencing.

The dancers explore the relationships through a particular dance style, including hip hop, contemporary, dance hall or fusion. Founded in 2015, Dance Editorial Productions is a unique dance platform which brings together some of the country’s most talented dancers. The Company’s artistic director and producer of Love is Love, Ms Shannon Hsu, says the show touches on classic themes, but features a modern, impactful twist. “My inspiration is to create shows that not only entertain with brilliant dancing, choreography and production value, but also stories the audience can relate to,” she said.

“I want our audiences to feel like they are watching a blockbuster movie which takes them on an emotional rollercoaster, one minute crying, the next laughing, but most of all I want them to be moved. “That’s why the great tales of William Shakespeare were such a fi tting inspiration for this production, as he is such a master storyteller when it comes to tales about family, love and drama. “Whilst the show does not recreate Shakespearean tales as such, it pays homage to those central themes,” she continued. Ms Hsu said Love is Love would also unite dancers from all spectrums of the industry.

“We have dancers in our productions spanning different age groups and from diverse backgrounds who each bring their unique talents to each show. “The audience is going to be blown away by our choreographers and our dancers. “Their talent is only outshined by their passion and love of dance. “We have a thriving, talented dance industry here, but a lot of our talent are forced to head oversees in search of work.”

Source: Media release, Jun 23 Joshua Lucas, Connect PR

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