Dyslexia information presentation

Dyslexia specialist, Ms Rosemary Ruthvern presented her fi ndings at Kincumber Library on July 26Dyslexia specialist, Ms Rosemary Ruthvern presented her findings at Kincumber Library on July 26

A dyslexia information presentation for parents and carers took place at Kincumber Library on Wednesday, July 26.

The presentation was led by Ms Rosemary Ruthven, a reading and dyslexia specialist with experience in developing and remediating the literacy skills of students. The presentation educated attendees on the characteristics of dyslexia and visual stress and provided information on where to go and what to do next to get appropriate diagnosis and specialist tuition for a dyslexic child. It is estimated that approximately 14 per cent of people have one or more subcategories of dyslexia. Dyslexia is not related to IQ, but for the dyslexic brain, it will always be more laborious and fatiguing to read, write and spell. Visual Stress (Irlen Syndrome) can exacerbate reading difficulties and early intervention is the key.

Source: Website, Jul 24 Central Coast Council Events page

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