Students learn about the concept of courage

Narara Public School has been running KidsMatter lessons over two weeks to discuss the concept of courage with children.
In the classes, the children have been taught that courage is not a lack of fear, but it’s facing and overcoming fear.
Courage is the quality that enables people to face difficulties, danger and adversity without completely giving way to fear or distress.
You show courage when you do something because you believe that doing it is more important than your fear, pain or discomfort.
Everyone is frightened and anxious at times.
Fear is a normal and necessary human response to situations where there may be potential harm.
It places you ‘on alert’ so that you can deal with the threat.
‘Anxiety’ is anticipatory fear.
These feelings signal to you that you might have a problem to deal with.
You can make yourself more nervous or anxious by exaggerating what could happen in your mind.

Newsletter, May 8
David Stitt, Narara Public School

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