STL candidates free to vote on issues

I have to agree with Mr Aiken (Coast Community News, May 18, P30) when he states that “Gosford Council is the biggest loser” when compared to Wyong Council.
Due to the mismanagement of the past decade, Gosford Council’s financial position is a disgrace, and the councillors we elected in good faith to run our council have failed us all.
Do we want our new council dominated by one major political party?
This is why I have nominated for the Gosford West Ward in the upcoming council election on September 9.
I am the candidate for STL (as is Mr Aiken) which is made up of like-minded individuals who are concerned for the whole of the Central Coast and are not constrained by party politics.
We are free to vote on issues that we think would be best for the Central Coast Community, while the new elected councillors for the major parties will have their hands tied by their political party’s ideologies.

Email, May 20
Carl Veugen, Umina