State Parliament to vote on a bill requiring a referendum on forced amalgamations

The NSW Labor Opposition has decided to support a bill requiring a referendum to be held on the forced amalgamation of councils, including Gosford and Wyong Councils.
The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party Bill, was introduced into the Legislative Council on May 11.
The Bill would amend the Local Government Act to require binding referendums to be held in relation to all forced amalgamations in 2016.
Even though former Gosford and Wyong councillors voted in favour of amalgamation, the Bill applies to all areas amalgamated by proclamation in 2016.
“If a former council area votes to demerge, then it will be the legal responsibility of the Minister to ensure that this happens,” said Shadow Minister for Local Government, Mr Peter Primrose.
“NSW Labor does not support forced mergers, nor do we support forced demergers,” Mr Primrose said.

Media release, Jun 1
Media statement, Jun 1
Amanda McCormack, office of Peter Primrose
Jackie Pearson, journalist