Speeding issues on Brisbane Water Dve remain unaddressed

I cannot believe that both the government and opposition are lying about what they are doing with the speeding on Brisbane Water Dve between Tascott and the Point Clare Primary school.
Over and over again I met with members of the RMS and they assured me that something will be done, however over the past 20 years, nothing has been done.
So therefore, I and a number of prominent citizens have no confidence in the RMS or the politicians that promise and do nothing.
I wonder how many people have to be killed or seriously injured in this area.
Since living here, we have had 6 people die and numerous accidents take place.
Again the RMS do nothing.
Again, no plans for the area have been prepared for the public’s authority to go ahead with any project.
We need the government and RMS to do its duty and stop messing about with our lives.
The other thing is, why did the RMS remove the safety of the left hand turn into Talinga Ave from Brisbane Water Drive?

Email, May 10
Robert Findley, Point Clare