Proposal to build childcare centre in Booker Bay

A development application has been lodged to build a 67-space childcare centre at a cost of $690,562 at 97-99 Booker Bay Rd, Booker Bay.
The application was made on June 19 by Barker Ryan Stewart Pty Ltd and related to Lots 39 and 40 DP7061.
According to documents submitted by the applicant to support their DA, the site is located in a general residential area and currently contains two dwellings and outbuildings.
It is generally level with a minor downhill grade from the rear boundaries and has frontage to both Booker Bay Rd and Davis St.
It is proposed to demolish the existing dwelling at 99 Booker Bay Rd entirely, and partially demolish the dwelling at 97 Booker Bay Rd.
Most existing vegetation will be removed with the exception of a few large trees.
The proposed child care centre will have facilities to accommodate 67 children and a maximum of 11 staff at any one time.
The new single story building and child care centre plans included: office; reception; kitchen; laundry; staff room; baby change area; bottle preparation area; bathroom; accessible toilet; craft room; sleep area; play areas for various age groups (3-5, 2-3 and 0-2) and outdoor play areas for the three age groups; and parking for 16 cars one accessible car space.
Proposed operating hours were 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.
The primary access point would be along the entry path off the car park at the northwest corner of the building and access to the car park would be off Davis Rd.
Eleven care spaces were allocated to staff, while six spaces were set aside for parents to drop off and pick up of children.
Allocated car parking for the development falls short of council’s minimum requirements according to documents submitted by the applicant.
The applicant referred to the NSW Government’s planning framework to argue the Booker Bay land was “identified as an Urban Area”.
“The proposal is therefore consistent with the Strategy.
“Under the provisions of the Gosford Local Environment Plan 2014 the site is zoned R1- General Residential and, according to the applicant, “the proposed development can be defined as a child care centre and is permissible subject to development consent”.
The DA met council requirements for height and floor space ratio but had a maximum site coverage of 58 per cent when the maximum for the location was 40 per cent.
According to a statement of environmental effects submitted by the applicant: “Council staff indicated in the pre-DA meeting that a variation to the site coverage could be considered as the council preference is to provide as much on site car parking as possible.
“As a result, it is not possible to comply with both car parking and site coverage requirements.
“The variation to the site coverage requirement is also justifiable given that the FSR in the locality is 0.7:1.
“An alternate development for a residential flat building would result in substantially more site coverage than the child care centre.
“The proposed child care centre strikes a balance between adequate car parking, substantial boundary setbacks and expansive outdoor play areas,” the DA argued.
The proposed childcare building would be setback between 7.2m and 7.8m from the Booker Bay frontage, exceeding the standard 6m setback.

Website, 22 Jun 2017
Central Coast Council Gosford DA Tracker, DA52280/2017