Nominees seeking endorsement

The NSW Liberal Party’s Nomination Review Committee process has been completed for the Central Coast Council election on September 9.
Nominees are now in the running for endorsement as a Liberal Party candidate in the upcoming Council election.
Nominees in the Gosford East Ward are Ms Kerryanne Delaney, Mr Craig Hillman, Mr Jeffrey Strickson, Mr Christopher Burke, Ms Jilly Pilon, Mr David Bacon and Ms Rebecca Gale Collins.
Candidates listed for endorsement in Gosford West are: Mr Brett Keating, Ms Susan Dengate; Ms Deanna Bocking; Mr David Bacon; Ms Jilly Pilon; Mr Craig Hillman; Mr Troy Marquart and Ms Rebecca Gale Collins.
Only three nominees are listed in the Wyong Ward: Mr Jeffrey Strickson, Mr Christopher Burke and Mr Douglas Eaton.
According to a Liberal Party document, the probable winnable positions in the Central Coast Council election will be position one and two in the Gosford East Ward, position one in the Gosford West Ward and position one in Wyong.
Once a candidate is selected in a pre-selection, regardless of the ward or ticket position, that candidate is no longer eligible to contest any pre-selection in any other ward or ticket positions within any local government area for which they have nominated.
Selection Committee meetings are being scheduled for July 17 to August 6.

Email, Jun 28
Jackie Pearson, journalist