Council candidate signals dredging campaign

The former Save Tuggerah Lakes party, STL, has a policy for the coming council elections which calls for an ongoing dredging campaign for the Brisbane Water system, according to its Umina candidate, Mr Carl Veugen.
He said his party’s policies include ongoing dredging of the Ettalong channel.
“Over the last three months we have listened to council, with the State Government’s hand up its back, crying over the terrible state of the entrance to Brisbane Water,” Mr Veugen said.
“The State Government’s response was to spend $150,000 on a temporary solution,” he said.
“But surprise surprise, council now estimates we need to spend $5 million up front and another $1.5 million yearly to maintain Brisbane Water and council claims it is entirely the State Government’s problem so we get the same old response and no answers offered.
“It is most likely that the purchase or lease of a sea-going dredge will be needed to support this policy and allow the dredged sand to replenish our beaches.
“We also have a dredge that could be put to work inside Brisbane Water today.
“Wyong Council has operated its own dredge for years but now it’s lying idle.
“That’s good management from Central Coast Council: no operating cost at all.
“The NSW Government and Gosford Council collaborated for many years to develop plans for our beaches and waterways.
“Since 2008 Gosford Council received over $6 million dollars from the NSW Government for its share of management studies and plans.
“They all recommended immediate action.
“What a comedy; what a set up.
“The NSW Government and the Central Coast Council are playing us for suckers.
“The NSW Government has also announced it will give the Central Coast the pathetic amount of $188.3 million for local roads but the forgotten south again misses out on any funding.”

Media release, 22 Jun 2017
Carl Veugen, STL