89 lot subdivision approved for Hamlyn Terrace

Central Coast Council has approved a Development Application (DA) for an 89 lot subdivision, plus three residue lots, and demolition of existing structures, in Virginia Rd, Hamlyn Terrace.
In the most recent incarnation of Council’s Development Consent Notice, the development is to be undertaken in accordance with the approved development plans and listed specifications, except as modified by any conditions of consent and any amendments made to the approved plans.
Approval is issued for the subdivision in four stages.
Stage 1: Lots 101-154, stage 2: Lots 201 – 219, stage 3: Lots 301 – 310, and stage 4: Lots 401 – 606.
Stages 1 to 4 include all road and services formation and installation, and associated subdivision works.
Lot 199 – residue lot for drainage purposes.
Lot 200 – residue lot for future residential development incorporating drainage; and Lot 501 residue lot for environmental management, incorporating drainage works.
The notice also stipulated that all stages must: “have a Construction Certificate to be issued by the Principal Certifying Authority prior to commencement of any construction works.
“The application for this Certificate is to satisfy all of the requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.
“An application for a Subdivision Certificate must be submitted to and approved by the Council/Certifying Authority prior to endorsement of the plan of subdivision.
“Where conditions of this consent require approval from Council under the Roads Act 1993, Local Government Act 1993 or Water Management Act 2000, a completed Subdivision Construction Certificate application form must be lodged with Council and be accompanied by detailed design drawings and supporting information.
“Upon submission to Council, fees and charges will be calculated in accordance with Council’s Management Plan.
“The fees and charges must be paid prior to Council commencing the design assessment.
“Conditions include compliance with the general terms of approval of the Rural Fire Service, as outlined in its correspondence dated October 9, 2014, compliance with the general terms of approval of the Office of Water, as outlined in its correspondence dated October 15, 2014; and, the transfer of Lot 501 (E3 zoned land) at no cost to Council within three months of the date of registration of the allotment.”
All stages of the development were also subject to evolving consent requirements as the development progressed, including specific consent requirements for earthworks and ecology, landscaping, erosion and sediment control, services and utility requirements, water and sewer service requirements and maintenance, stormwater requirements, and contribution payment compliance.
The developer is MJH Group-Newcastle Quality Constructions.

Document, Jun 5
DA664/2014, Central Coast Council Wyong E-Planning Portal

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