What is the role of security staff in Kibble Park?

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I have written to Central Coast Council’s Administrator, Mr Ian Reynolds, and CEO, Mr Rob Noble, asking them to explain the role of security personnel in Gosford’s Kibble Park.
I recently witnessed and recorded two security people harassing a homeless person to empty her belongings out of a shopping trolleys so it could be returned to the retailer in the nearby shopping centre.
I would like Council to let the public know if the role of security in Kibble Park is to remove trolleys from the area and return them to local businesses.
I also asked Mr Reynolds and Mr Noble to explain the brief for the engagement of security staff in Kibble Park.
Who pays for the security in Kibble Park?
Is it their role to ask homeless people to remove their belongings from the trolleys so they can be returned to private businesses?
Do the security staff in Kibble Park have the authority to touch the possessions in trolleys of the people there?
What is council’s policy in ensuring homeless people in the council area are cared for and assisted to find housing?

Email, Apr 3
Joy Cooper, Green Point

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