New alcohol-free zones proposed

A review of current alcohol-free zones is being undertaken by the Central Coast Council and new zones are proposed for Empire Bay, Ettalong, Patonga, Pearl Beach, Umina Beach and Woy Woy.
The proposed new alcohol-free zone for Empire Bay is on Sorrento Rd from Boongala Ave to the foreshore and the foreshore end of Kendall Rd to the junction of Shelly Beach Rd and Rickard Rd including the War Memorial area.
In Ettalong, new alcohol-free zones are proposed for Pacific Ave, Ocean View Rd from Whiting Rd to Broken Bay Rd and Picnic Parade from Bream Rd to The Esplanade.
It is also proposed to introduce a new Alcohol-free zone in Ettalong on Memorial Ave from just past Ocean View Rd to The Esplanade, along The Esplanade from Picnic Parade to Bangalow St, on Broken Bay Rd from Ridge St to Karingi St, from Karingi St to Lurline St, along Uligandi St and Beach St from Broken Bay to Lorinya Ave and along Lorinya Ave.
Alcohol consumption will not be allowed in Patonga Drive from the bottom of the hill to Bay St, Patonga.
Alcohol-free zones are also proposed for Pearl Beach along: Diamond Rd; Pearl Parade; Coral Crescent; Agate Ave; Beryl Boulevard from Coral Crescent to Diamond Rd; Pearl Beach Drive from Coral Crescent to Diamond Rd; Emerald, Amethyst and Tourmaline Aves from Pearl Parade to Diamond Rd.
A new alcohol-free zone is also planned for Ocean Beach Rd, Umina, from Lone Pine Ave to Poziers Ave, along Poziers Ave from Ocean beach Rd to, and including, the laneway.
Lone Pine Ave from ocean Beach Rd to Dardanelles Ave, Umina and West St from Ocean Beach Rd to Springwood St will also be declared alcohol-free zones according to the Central Coast Council proposal.
The list of new acohol-free zones for Umina is extensive; Ocean Beach Rd from The Esplanade to Wellington St; Berith St; Fyfe Lane; South St; Trafalgar Ave including the car park adjacent to the Surf Club; Norman St; Rickard St; Augusta St; The Esplanade from Sydney Ave to Augusta St; Oscar St; Alfred St and car park areas; Bullion St; Leslie St; Morris St; Hector St; Springwood St from West St to Clifford St; all of Clifford St and laneways within this area; the car park off Ocean beach Rd and The Esplanade adjacent to the surf club; and the car park off Melbourne Ave adjacent to Col Gooley Oval.
The Central Coast Council also intends to impose a number of new Alcohol-free zones throughout Woy Woy.
They will include: Ocean Beach Rd from McMasters to Kathleen St; McMasters Rd from Ocean Beach Rd to Fairview St; and Fairview St including the car park area adjacent to James Brown Oval.
New zones are also proposed for the whole of Ross St, Rowan Rd, Mascot St and Kathleen St.
John Hoare Circuit (community centre), Railway St from George St to The Boulevarde are also proposed locations for new alcohol-free zones in Woy Woy.
Others include: The Boulevarde; Brick Wharf Rd; Chambers Place; Oval Ave; Blackwall Rd from Railway St to Charlton St-Victoria Rd including the entry to Austin Butler Reserve and Victoria Rd from Blackwall Rd to George St.
According to Council, the aim of an alcohol-free zone is to reduce alcohol-related crime, violence and anti-social behaviour in identified locations in order to help create a safer environment for the whole community.
“An alcohol-free zone relates to public roads, car parks and footpaths.
“However, these zones will not restrict outdoor dining licences where Council approval has been granted,” the Central Coast Council’s website said.
“The zones will be established for four years and Council is currently seeking feedback from the community regarding the proposed locations.
Feedback is invited by 5pm on Thursday, June 15 and can be provided via email to or by post to PO Box 21, Gosford, 2250.
Further information is available from Rachel Jackson on 4325 8222.

Media release, 25 May 2017
Ian Reynolds, Central Coast Council