Modified consent granted to $ 300m development

An artist’s impression of the development at the Lakeside Plaza siteAn artist’s impression of the development at the Lakeside Plaza site

Modified consent has been granted to Development Application 1080/2014 (DA1080/2014), for a mixed use development comprising shop top housing, a hotel tower, a multipurpose function space, a restaurant, a shopping centre and parking, and the demolition of several existing structures.

This DA entails a complete overhaul of the existing Lakeside Shopping Centre, The Entrance, and adjoining land located at: 102-104 The Entrance Rd, 106- 110 The Entrance Rd, 96 The Entrance Rd, 100 The Entrance Rd, 118 The Entrance Rd, 1 Glovers Lne, 3 Glovers Lne, 19-21 Taylor St, 23 Taylor St, and the existing Lakeside Plaza (78-94 The Entrance Rd) and is valued at around $300 million.

The proposal includes a new and expanded retail shopping centre, hotel and convention/function space and residential apartments, with two levels of basement parking. According to the DA’s Amended Statement of Environmental Effects 2015 (SEE), the proposal comprises: An expanded shopping centre from 5,000m2 to a total of approximately 13,250m2, anchored by a new larger Coles supermarket. It will also include 270 residential apartments in a tower building on the corner of The Entrance Rd and Dening St., 168 residential apartments and 108 hotel rooms in a tower building on the corner of Taylor and Dening St, and 48 residential apartments over three levels above the podium fronting The Entrance Rd. A restaurant and function/convention space in/with the hotel lobby level is also proposed.

The “Oasis” level below the lofted tower buildings will provide outdoor space and amenities. Car parking is provided for within two basement levels and a section of rooftop parking. The project includes the creation of a piazza public space at the northern end of the site fronting Dening St, the creation of the Bus Hub on The Entrance Rd providing an attractive public transport area and creation of a publicly accessible viewing platform on top of the tower on the corner of Taylor and Dening St. The 2015 proposal also stipulates total parking spaces generated through the development as 1,325 parking spaces.

The original 2014 SEE proposal included: the expanded shopping centre at a total of 10,650m2, still anchored by a Coles supermarket, and 250 residential apartments in the building on the corner of The Entrance Rd/Dening St. It also included 110 residential apartments and 100 hotel rooms in a tower building on the corner of Taylor St/Dening St and 36 residential apartments over three levels above the podium fronting The Entrance Rd.

Also included are the same plans for the restaurant/convention space, the Oasis, the piazza public space and the Bus Hub, but stipulated total parking spaces generated through the development as 1,375 parking spaces. The masterplan provided in the 2015 SEE lists the proposal as a staged development, with conceptual approval only, meaning no physical works have been authorised or approved by Council or the JRPP.

Subsequent DAs need to be lodged by developer, The Entrance Plaza Pty Ltd and Dunnet Properties Pty Ltd, for each following stage of the development. The SEE lists three main stages to the development, for which these future DAs will need to be prepared. These include: Stage 1, part one retail development, being two levels of basement parking, a new supermarket and some additional specialty retail, located to the south of the existing Lakeside Shopping Centre, which will continue to trade during construction of Stage1.

Stage 2 will include part two retail development, being demolition of the existing centre, followed by two levels of basement parking and the balance of the specialty retail development. Stage 3 will include construction of the above podium level elements, being the two towers on Dening St and an additional residential building on The Entrance Rd. According to the approved schedule of modified conditions, “Stage 1, 2 and 3 of the proposal must be subject to their own detailed development applications and they are again only conceptually approved.

“The DA for Stage 2 is to be accompanied by a Public Domain Works Plan detailing the proposed improvements to the public domain adjoining the site. “The plan is to provide details of the treatment of these areas, including paving, seating, awnings, litter receptacles, lighting, tree and other planting, bus hub, drainage, shade structures and other features. “The improvement of the public domain is in addition to any Section 94 Contributions.

“DAs for all stages are to include measures to satisfactorily address potential overlooking and privacy impacts to surrounding residents including those along Taylor St (opposite the site), along Warrigal St, along The Entrance Rd and along Dening St in the vicinity of the site; and for the Stage 3 DA, the tower buildings are not to exceed the maximum allowable height under Council’s LEP controls and this shall be verifi ed on the plans using existing survey levels.”

Other modified conditions included: roadwork design requirements, stormwater drainage requirements, construction and traffic management plans, vehicle access and planning design requirements, water and sewer services design requirements, lot consolidation, contamination, CPTED design amendments, adaptability of units, including specifically 10 per cent of Stage 3 units nominated as being designed suitably for disables/aged persons, architectural and urban design report stipulations, water and energy conservation, efficiency and sustainability commitments, public art commitments, motorcycle and bike parking commitments, sun control and safety measures, landscape plan implications, acoustic issues, communal open space requirements, street façade details, accessibility details, Bus Hub details, loading area details, privacy issues, height issues and odour nuisance.

The DA and all quoted documents can be viewed through the former Wyong Council’s Development Tracker. Consent for this DA expires in December 2020.

Source: Documents, May 3 DA1080/2014 Statement of Environmental Effects DA1080/2014 Amended Statement of Environmental Effects DA1080/2015 DA Assessment Report D12660292 Modifi ed Consent D12679790 Dilon Luke, Journalist