Input sought on Community Plan

A new grassroots movement has emerged from Central Coast community members wanting to get party politics out of Local Government.
If that idea appeals to you, visit the Central Coast Community Plan’s website where you can read the 18 policy topics the Central Coast community is being invited to develop.
This is not a political party; it is a wide-ranging group of concerned Central Coast residents wanting better local government for their community.
We Central Coast ratepayers have a once in a lifetime opportunity to help form our Council and set the standard of what we expect from them.
As a contributor to the policies on Roads and Transport as well as on Housing, I highly commend this initiative.
At the meetings that started last year, people from all sides of politics met to begin preparing the Draft Community Plan, written deliberately for the first Central Coast Council election in September.
Its purpose is to paint a preferred future for the Central Coast that candidates standing for election are encouraged to adopt.
The Draft Plan is divided into 18 key policy areas which can be accessed via the menu at the top of the website.
Each draft policy area is connected to a live feedback form that allows you to comment and make suggestions directly to the editorial committee, who will review all feedback and amend the Draft Plan in real time, on the website.
The final document will be published on August 1.
You can comment on the Draft Plan as many times as you like up until July 15.
There is also a Central Coast Community Plan Facebook page.
Please have a look and consider your options for a community directed Central Coast Council or one run by party politics and self-interest.
Where do you stand?

Email, May 13
Gregory John Olsen, Empire Bay