Gosford Council is the biggest loser

The Member for Terrigal, Mr Adam Crouch’s recent public comments are interesting to say the least.
Gosford Council is the biggest loser when it comes to any comparison between Wyong and Gosford Councils.
The only reason Wyong Council went with amalgamation was to allow it to amalgamate with Gosford Council and hopefully drag the southern half of the region back into reality.
Adam Crouch is deeply involved in a mudslinging match between the North and South Central Coast Liberals, in a bid to control the Liberals on the Central Coast and hoping some mud will stick to the Liberal Wyong Councillors.
Gosford Council was a Liberal dominated Council for many years and still failed the Central Coast and Gosford many times.
Do we really need our new council to once again be dominated by a major political party?
Wyong Council provided one dredge and a regular dredging program while Gosford Council provided nothing.
Wyong Council completed the Art House Theatre while Gosford Council may have had a special levies fund, but has no regional library or performing arts centre and is still talking about creating them after more than 20 years of levies.
Wyong Council’s Sea Level Rise Policy is pragmatic, while Gosford Council scrapped floor levels below ground level with 9,000 homes going under.
Gosford City Council alone has almost brought the Central Coast down.
Not to mention some of Gosford Councils other ventures such as: Mangrove Mountain Tip, Niagara Park Shopping Centre, the oyster depuration plant at Koolewong that became a restaurant and wedding reception centre, millions of dollars spent on plans that are never actioned and many more.
Sure, Wyong Council has made some bad decisions at times, but Gosford Council has recently beaten all records on a nationwide basis.
At least Wyong Council had well and truly re-established its financial and operational credibility in recent years as a top performer in several important areas including environmental, financial and approvals.

Letter, May 9
Pat Aiken, Saratoga