Events organised for Refugee Week

Central Coast for Social Justice has organised a range of events to mark Refugee Week.
On Thursday, June 22, the House of Welcome will be cooking for the Central Coast.
The event will be held at Gosford Anglican Church, and will allow Central Coast residents to learn more about the asylum seeker and refugee debate.
Residents will also learn the importance of human rights as well as respect through a sit down dinner, organised by a chef from Sri Lanka.
The evening will display artistic works and unique products by businesswomen from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds.
On Friday, June 23, Avoca Theatre will be screening “The Troublesome Priest”, which will be looking at Gosford Anglican Church’s Arch Deacon of the Dioceses, Father Rod Bower, and his local work with refugees.
Avoca Theatre will also be screening “The Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe”, which follows the lives of four African women and their ability to overcome tragedy.

Email, May 8
Central Coast for Social Justice

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