Council website lists 60 Peninsula projects

The new interactive mapping system shows all current road and drainage projects on the PeninsulaThe new interactive mapping system shows all current road and drainage projects on the Peninsula

More than 60 council roads and drains projects have been or will be undertaken on the Peninsula this financial year, according to a new Central Coast Council website.

The website shows 30 projects already completed in the 2016-17 financial year on the Woy Woy Peninsula. Another 22 were earmarked as having commenced and a further 10 were scheduled to take place in the current financial year. Projects listed as completed included the installation of closed circuit television, including camera upgrades within the Woy Woy CBD.

Completed projects included the parking bay at the Bays Community Hall on Woy Woy Bay Rd; drainage improvements in Raymond Rd and Phegans Bay Rd, Phegans Bay; and road reconstruction including realignment, kerb and gutter and a pedestrian refuge at the intersection of Woy Woy Rd and Banyo Cl at Horsfi eld Bay. A median strip was constructed in July at the rail underpass in Shoalhaven Dr. Another Woy Woy project listed as completed was footpath construction on Victoria Rd between Blackwall Rd and Park Rd which was commenced in August 2016 and completed within three weeks.

A school access project for the entry of Woy Woy Public School had also been completed in the current fi nancial year. It consisted of footpath construction on Park Rd from Burge Rd to the access into Woy Woy Public School. Bus stop improvements were completed in Burge Rd, having commenced in September 2016. Traffic “improvements” at Woy Woy South Public School included the upgrade of a children’s crossing in Waterloo Ave outside the school in February. During December 2016, the council carried out minor patching on Cogra Rd, Woy Woy, between Dunban and Walford St and then between Walford St and Rawson Rd. The patching was followed by the resurfacing of the road, which was completed in two weeks.

The website listed reconstruction and resurfacing of Ocean Beach Rd from number 227 towards Kathleen St, Woy Woy, during January and February. Footpath construction was completed along McMasters Rd between Welcome St and Blackwall Rd over 12 weeks from October. A 35 metre section of Shoalhaven Dr was reconstructed and resurfaced, north of Veron Rd during October. Orange Grove Rd was also reconstructed and resurfaced from Blackwall Rd to Koonora Ave in December and February.


Tis article appeared first in the Peninsula News Print edition May 2, 2017