Council to apply for emergency dredging

Central Coast Council will apply for emergency dredging of the Ettalong Channel, following a roundtable discussion chaired by Central Coast Parliamentary Secretary Mr Scot MacDonald.
The discussion, held on May 18, was attended by representatives from the Department of Premier and Cabinet, the Department of Industry Lands and Forestry, NSW Roads and Maritime Services, Central Coast Council, Peninsula Chamber of Commerce and Fantasea Cruises.
Mr MacDonald said the meeting was convened following concerns about the sediment build-up in the waterway.
“As a result of today’s discussion, Central Coast Council will submit a request to the NSW Government for emergency dredging work to be completed at Ettalong Channel to provide an immediate, short-term solution to the problem,” Mr MacDonald said.
“While a long-term solution for the continued management of the channel wasn’t reached today, all parties have agreed to work together to resolve the issue,” he added.
The Department of Industry offered to assist Central Coast Council to prepare an application for the next round of funding available in the NSW Government’s Rescuing Our Waterways program, which covers up to 50 per cent of the cost of dredging projects undertaken by a Council.

Media release, 18 May 2017
Kit Hale, Office of Scot MacDonald MP