Booker Bay cemetery rejected

A proposal to list Booker Bay cemetery in Bogan Rd on the Gosford planning scheme has been rejected by Central Coast Council after objections from residents.
Instead two trees at the site will be listed.
In support of its listing, the Council found it had “historic and social significance as the resting place of victims of the historic shipwreck of the SS Maitland in Maitland Bay.
“The cemetery site has local historic significance as an early burial ground and resting place of early pioneers of the area.
“The site has scientific significance for its potential for research.
“Although the curtilage of the cemetery has been greatly reduced and the site is affected by residential development, this does not diminish its significance.
“The pine trees are a distinctive and landmark feature of Booker Bay.”
One letter was received in support of its listing but four letters were written in objection.
“Many of the owners have notified of their objection to the heritage listing.
“No one is sure where the burials are exactly within the identified cemetery site,” one objector said.

Central Coast Council agenda item 2.1, 24 May 2017