Put the regional library where decision making takes place

When I hear the term ‘the scenic Central Coast’ on Radio Five-O-Plus’ history segment, I wonder when that term was first used to describe the area.
It is certainly not applicable today.
It is likely that any remaining scenic qualities of Gosford will soon be a memory, obliterated with high rise development, comparable to Chatswood by some observers.
The ‘cranes in the sky’ aspirations were supported by Gosford City Council’s CEO, Mr Paul Anderson.
Regarding the Regional Library, the artist’s impressions of the new library in 2004, next to Gosford City Council, and the 2012 Kibbleplex concept, are totally different to the 2017 ACT government building concept.
A very interesting concrete comparison of changing attitudes over a very short time span.
Why do we need a Regional Library in Gosford?
It has been pointed out to me that Wyong is the centre of all decision making.
Therefore, the regional library should be at Wyong, not Gosford.

Feb 23, 2017
Norman Harris, Umina