Penalty rates have deleterious effect

Letters to the editor

Let’s examine some irrefutable facts surrounding penalty rates.

I’ll confine my findings to a synopsis which should reveal the facts. Penalty rates came into being via the awards as compensation for hours worked outside that which is regarded as an individual’s working hours.

Penalty rates act as a powerful deterrent to employers seeking employees for many trades, occupations and services. Bear in mind that employers are the main providers of reemployment. Many apprentices and the like miss out on opportunities due to the onerous requirements in the awards, especially in relation to penalty rates.

My daughter and her husband acquired a business. After the fi rst year, their three employees earned more per head due to penalty rates than they did, notwithstanding they each put in over 60 hours per week. I would have no difficulty in producing many, many more examples demonstrating the adverse effect that penalty rates as they currently stand have in relation to the employment of individuals. To conclude, I challenge anyone to prove that current penalty rates do not have a deleterious effect when it comes to employment.

Letter, 2 Apr 2017 Colin Williams, Ettalong